Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vee Strings vs FemSkin Cherry Popper

In terms of vaginal prosthetics, I like the Cherry Popper as opposed to the Latex Vee Strings. The Cherry Popper is made of silicone. It feels and fits great.

Wigs Make The Man, I Mean Woman

I always think a nice wig should be the "first touch" for any good transformation.
It is important to get a wig that is both correct in length and color.

A good place to start is the wonderful wig advice section at
New Attitude Wigs


Welcome to Transgender Fashion

Hi Everyone

This blog is for all Transgender People who want to discuss the latest in fashion and prosthetic items available.

There are some wonderful websites that specialize in these items, which are:

I'd love to hear what you are wearing these days.

The Lady Beatrice